How One Man Started an A/C Repair Company…

How One Man Started an A/C Repair Company…

How did one man, build a company out of what little resources he had at the time? You can find out more here and maybe it will inspire you to get into this field!

The first thing that John had to do was get training so he could do AC repair. There was a community college offering HVAC classes, so he took them and started learning more about the heating and air systems in buildings. He wanted to make sure he learned from other professionals, so he picked out a school with a good reputation that had a lot of successful graduates. They also had a program where they could help their graduates get work as long as they made above a certain grade. That’s how he found his first job.

What John figured was he would work for a successful AC repair company until he had an idea of what the work was like. Plus, this gave him something he could add to what he could offer to clients. People tend to like your business more if you can tell them you have a few years of experience instead of just saying you just got out of school and need clients. So, John worked for a big AC repair service for a few years and really got to know what the work was like and he saved back some money.

With the money he was saving back, he wanted to start his own AC repair company. He needed to be able to legally open it, so he wanted to pay for a lawyer to help him with all of the paperwork and everything else. He also needed to take out a loan or two to get a building to work out of. Finally, he did some marketing and started to get customers. After the first few months of working with customers and doing good work, his business started to get more and more busy. Eventually, he even had to hire his own employees and is now a successful business owner.

John had to do a lot of work to start an AC repair in Fort Worth company. But, it did pay off and now he has a steady stream of customers. You can do what he did as long as you’re willing to work hard at it.

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