Getting A Second Opinion From A Roofing Contractor

Getting A Second Opinion From A Roofing Contractor

There’s no denying that most homeowners eventually have to deal with replacing their roof. It’s an unfortunate burden and a serious financial investment. However, just because you know someone whose cousin is a roofer and they told you it’s time to replace it doesn’t mean they are correct. As a matter of fact, the same applies even if you scheduled a professional inspection and a Plano roofing contractor told you it’s time to replace the roof.

Compare it to receiving knee surgery. If you visit a doctor and they tell you that surgery is a good idea, does that mean you immediately schedule an appointment for surgery? Absolutely not. The next step is to find a different doctor and receive a second opinion. Only after hearing the opinion of two different professionals who are not associated can you make such an important decision.

The same applies to replacing your roof. Even if you absolutely trust the roofing contractor who recommended the replacement. You are still advised to seek out a second opinion from an unrelated contractor. And by “unrelated” we mean someone who doesn’t work for the same company. Why is getting a second opinion so important when it comes to replacing a roof?

The Importance Of The Second Opinion.

A contractor may lie to you. In an ideal world we would never have to deal with such a situation, but unfortunately, it can happen. Replacing a roof is a huge project and the contractor in charge is going to make a pretty penny off of it. This isn’t to say roofing contractors are all con artists. The same could happen with any professional who gets paid for a service. The important this is that you get a second opinion to know if the replacement is really necessary.

On the other hand, it’s highly unlikely that a contractor would lie about you not needing a roof replacement. By not recommending a replacement they are losing out on a job. However, if you want to be 100 percent certain that the roof is in an acceptable condition, you can get a second opinion even if the first opinion was not to replace the roof.

Getting The Right Answer.

In either scenario listed above, you walk away with the professional opinion of two different roofing contractors. That’s always better than the opinion of just one, whether they agreed or not. Then it’s up to you to decide what to do with that information.

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